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  • IGFA Rules apply with the exception that no more than one angler may touch the rod.
  • Each boat must have a Satellite Phone prior to entering.
  • A maximum of SIX rods per boat may be fished.
  • To facilitate multiple hookups, rods may be left in the rod holders to aid in landing Tunas.
  • The Tournament “lines-in” hours are Saturday @ 6:00am and “lines-out” @ 9:00 p.m.
  • This is a “Boat Tournament” each boat entered can weigh their eligible fish under their boat name: You may win only one place in the Tuna division or the “Slam Aggregate” weight division.
  • All boats entered must return to Port Canaveral. Entry into any other Port Foreign or Domestic will result in immediate disqualification. Any boat experiencing mechanical or fuel breakdowns will be disqualified. The boat aiding the inoperable boat will be allowed to weigh-in.
  • All Billfish will be released in order to qualify for awards. Two witnesses must sign an Affidavit at time of weigh on Sunday, all affidavits must be presented at weigh-in. Billfish releases must be reported to committee boats to be eligible. Time of release will determine highest order of finish.
  • All mutilated fish will be disqualified (shark bites, props, harpoons, etc.)
  • In the event of a tie, the first fish weighed in will be awarded the higher order of finish.
  • You may leave from your home port provided the Capt. is at the Mandatory Capt. meeting and you must enter Port Canaveral to weigh fish.
  • Channel 74 & SSB 4149 will be used for tournament weather advisories & updates.
  • The Tournament will be run as long as weather conditions or forecast are below 4'-6' & small craft advisories and updates. In the event of a cancellation, the committee will decided the rescheduling of this event. Each boat may weigh a maximum of 3 Tunas, 2 Wahoo, 1 Dolphin, and one Skip Jack Tuna.

All Participants will exercise good and courteous sportsmanship whether at the dock, underway, or fishing. Violators will be subject to disqualification without refund.

Categories :
3 Yellowfin Tuna aggregate, 1st and 2nd Yellowfin Tuna

Biggest Dolphin

Biggest Wahoo, Smallest Wahoo, Biggest Skip Jack Tuna

Billfish Points:

Blue White Sail Spear
300 200 100 100

Billfish award will be for the most acquired points. 1st place, In the event of a tie in the release category, the first boat to submit release affidavits with camera will be awarded 1st place.


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